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Glenda is Outside the Box Learning Commons’ Academic Director and Faculty Head.

She began teaching “computers” in 2000 and has developed a passion for using technology to integrate transformative experiences into existing subject areas Available Toolsto make for a richer learning experience. A classroom teacher for 15 years, Glenda has taught a wide range of grades and subjects. She received a MET degree (Masters in Educational Technology) from UBC in 2005 and was named an Apple Distinguished Educator for Canada (ADE) in 2008. She was part of a review panel for the development of GarageBand 2 and has created online and other resources for teachers. She has presented workshops to teachers at the local, provincial and national level, and was recently certified as a Smarter Science Lead Teacher (February 2013). Her latest project has been co-ordinating the elementary site for the STA (Surrey Teacher’s Convention) convention.  Along with the other accomplished faculty members, Glenda looks forward to sharing her educational vision with the public.

For the past five years, Shelagh supported Science (K-12) in the Surrey School District including co-ordinating the Salmon In The Classroom project, the District Science Fair, and the Secondary Science Challenge.   Shelagh believes in bringing more hands-on /minds-on experiences to classrooms using an inquiry model based on the Smarter Science Framework and my her favourite manipulative, littleBits.   Shelagh runs after school workshops and offer demonstration lessons in classrooms to help teachers become more comfortable with science.

Shelagh presently enrolls a grade 7 class at Cambridge Elementary where she is encouraging her students to learn about science by doing science. 


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