Learning Commons

Outside the Box Learning Commons

A Learning Commons is a collaborative space that brings together resources and learning experiences that allow students to develop skills in the learning areas of writing, numeracy, critical thinking, problem-solving and use of technology. At Outside the Box Learning Commons, students of all ages can explore, create, invent, imagine and develop their passions. The goal of the maker movement is to provide educational opportunities for learners to work in social groups to invent, build and create something new and original. These artifacts can range from robotics to apps to websites to moving art sculptures. Technology supports the creation of these artifacts, but the driving force is the imagination of the creator. Using the raw materials provided, learners at Outside the Box Learning Commons will develop the skills they need for success – critical thinking, creativity and rigour.


Our Richmond location is situated in the Steveston area. Our address is 118 – 6033 London Road.











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