Professional Development

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 Professional Development Workshops

$80 an hour (plus GST)

Outside the Box Learning Commons offers professional development for educators either at your school or our location.  Topics are geared towards the resources and needs of the participants and can focus on a number of topics such including:

  • The Maker Movement
  • Inquiry and Problem-Based Learning
  • iPad Bootcamp
  • Adaptive Technologies on the iPad
  • Transformative Teaching Strategies
  • Smarter Science

To book a Professional Development session please call 778-960-2720 or Email Us


Free Professional Development


iPads 101 is an iTunes U course and professional development tool for educators faced with using iPads in the classroom for the first time.  The topics include:

  • choosing apps
  • deployment
  • workflow
  • assessment ….and more.

The course is self-paced and is intended for beginners looking to take their first steps.


Enrollment is free.  Please call 778-960-2720 or Email Us  to register.

Lesson Plans

5 Inquiry Activities

5 Activities to Promote Inquiry Based Learning and Differentiated Instruction in the Classroom

This ePub book has five specific examples of inquiry-based lessons that can be used with students. Guiding questions, background information and curriculum standards are included. Additional teacher resources are included.

Download from iTunes


5 Qr Code Activities That Work in Every Classroom

This book provides 5 QR Code activities that focus on inquiry and differentiated instruction.  There are also resources to support instruction.

Download from iTunes


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